Ray Light | collaboration

RayLight | functional & simple design, created by M. Kemp and interior architect K. Bodegom (2011)

A light installation of handmade functional simplicity, combining contemporary design with practicality. It’s textile artwork creates a three dimensional effect and subtly scatters and filters the light. The material used is horsehair and linen.
Angles and heights can be adjusted endlessly. The fluorescent tube inside acts as a diffuser. It can also be manipulated from direct to indirect light. Create a mood light or reading light, up or down, in a trice.

raylight avec moi
Ray Light
ray Light detail
MKemp RayLight
Mkemp RayLight
MKemp RayLight
Raylight is available to order in several colour schemes.
Brass, horsehair, linnen | 130 x 10cm
Photography: Rogier Chang
(Private collection, Den Haag)