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Horsehair weaver Marianne Kemp and felt specialist Anneke van Hoogervorst have created a unique series of textiles.

Having met at the Mongolian savannah (2009) they worked together on a project involving the local community. The mutual interest of their craft was a starting point to experiment. A combination of sheep wool, horsehair and linen are combined in two different techniques, felting and weaving. Horsehair has different characteristics compared to wool, for example the shine, strength and touch.These materials combined results in a new and rather unique look and feel.
The result of their experiments resulted in two different series ‘Horse on top’ and ‘Woven Wool’.

The series ‘Horse on top’ consists of knotted and curled horsehair felt into wool, giving it a natural feeling and rough looking surface.
The series ‘Woven Wool’ is a simple weaving technique in felted wool showing a dynamic and strong moving graphic effect.

The series ‘Horse on top’

Series ‘Woven Wool’

    ‘Colourful Scribble’

Mkemp_Colourful Scribble
The fabrics are handmade by the designers and are suitable for interior products: window / wall hangings, wall covering / panels, lamps and room dividers. They can also be constructed in a soundproof manner and are suitable to manage acoustic settings for large noise polluted spaces (dining and conferencing rooms) and are as well visual attractive.
* Felt and horsehair are flame retardant from nature. For indoor use only.
* Since all the fabrics are handmade, different patterns, colours and sizes can be supplied. For inquiries and more information contact Marianne.